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Beginning a Transparent Global Community

Andre Ross

This weekend in October, Wikileaks unleashed 390,000 documents related to the Iraq and Afghanistan insurgencies. In these reports, we have discovered that there were 66,081 civilian deaths related to the Iraq war. That’s one 9/11 every four months for the last seven years. A fact that has been largely hidden from the American people. This is by far the biggest military leak in the history of warfare. This might be seen as just another hack; but this brings forth a new era of transparency. This new period is largely cultivated by our advancements in computing which gives us the ability to break through the lies and deceptions of our sophisticated global network.

Of course, many of our modern leaders do not have the motivation or the foresight to encourage such transparency— a definition that would benefit mankind for such a long time. Moreover, it’s a transparency that would make it harder for our leaders to lie to us- to even want to lie to us. All of our solutions to our social ills lie in admitting or covering the truth of the matter. Everyone who champions the advancement of our race will proactively promote policies that garner support for an open society.

Those who object will say that our secrets become known to those who want to harm us. They will follow up by asserting that we should do away with enterprises like Wikileaks. The more proactive solution to the susceptibility of our secrets is to make everyone’s existence equally transparent. This consideration will be met with much adversity if it is attempted. However, if society is going to stop everything that requires a long term effort, we’ll never go through the rebirth that we need so much. Our global community needs to encourage and make accountable the future teams of people who want to create such a transparency.

A more honest society can liberate humanity from its primitive nature and all the problems that come with it. With an advanced information society built on transparency, we could achieve things that we can’t even imagine today. We’ll look back at enterprises like Wikileaks as landmarks that propelled us into becoming an enlightened human race.

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A remarkable moment…

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Exciting new book out by John Le Carr! This video interview is his gathering on the Iraq war, his writing, and my favorite part— his understanding of US and global intelligence. Enjoy!

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Any problems of civilization were designed by humans. Solving them all starts with you.

Any problems of civilization were designed by humans. Solving them all starts with you.